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Aims and Objectives of CALCER

The aims of the Centre are:

  • to initiate, facilitate and participate in research projects related to the advancement of Chinese Language education;
  • to disseminate research on Chinese language education throughout the region and further afield through publications, seminars, conferences and workshops;
  • to establish and maintain contacts with school teachers and principals, education researchers and research institutions in Chinese speaking territories, locally and internationally;
  • to provide a centre from which institutions and organisations can draw upon human and other resources for contracted research, consultation and training in relation to the Chinese language education; and
  • to provide a platform for in-service teachers and educational researchers to share experience in the teaching of Chinese, the use of Chinese Language across the curriculum, and the use of information technology in Chinese Language learning and teaching.
  • deneme bonusu


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¹q¸Ü¡G 2857 8399
¹q¶l¡G chinedu@hkucc.hku.hk

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