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  • 開展、推行及參與能提高中文教育素質的研究計劃;
  • 通過出版學術著作,舉辦講座、學術研討會及工作坊,在華語地區推介中文教育研究成果;
  • 成為本地與國際華語地區中文教育的交流中心,並與校長、前線教師、教育研究人員及機構維持緊密聯繫;
  • 以合約形式為不同的學校、教育機構作顧問,提供與中文教育有關的專業意見,培訓人才,及開展研究計劃及教學資源;
  • 為在職的教師、教育研究人員提供專業平台,以便彼此分享中文教學經驗、運用中文於跨課程上的經驗,以及利用資訊科技教授中文的經驗。

Aims and Objectives of CALCER

The aims of the Centre are:

  • to initiate, facilitate and participate in research projects related to the advancement of Chinese Language education;
  • to disseminate research on Chinese language education throughout the region and further afield through publications, seminars, conferences and workshops;
  • to establish and maintain contacts with school teachers and principals, education researchers and research institutions in Chinese speaking territories, locally and internationally;
  • to provide a centre from which institutions and organisations can draw upon human and other resources for contracted research, consultation and training in relation to the Chinese language education; and
  • to provide a platform for in-service teachers and educational researchers to share experience in the teaching of Chinese, the use of Chinese Language across the curriculum, and the use of information technology in Chinese Language learning and teaching.


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